Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Training Course


      قابلیتهای اکتسابی: طرای مبدلهای طراحی Air Cooler

     شرایط شرکت کنندگان: مهندسی مکانیک و شیمی و گذراندن دوره Aspen Bjac&HTRI

 سرفصلهای دوره

1.      Minimum required background of students

2.      General and appropriate knowledge of fluid mechanics thermodynamics and heat transfer

3.      Possession the certificate of "shell &tube by HTRI/ASPEN "with "pass “score

4.      Thermal design of air cooled heat exchangers by HTRI software (Xace module)

5.      Introduction to air cooled heat exchangers a comparison whit shell & tube air cooler different configuration and types; comparisons tube bundle geometry

6.      Air cooler components respecting the API 661 clauses an introduction to condensation inside the tubes two phase flow regimes

7.      Analyzing a sample of single phase flow

8.      Analyzing a sample of two phase flow